Combustible Gas Leak Detector CEM GD-3300

  • Manufacturer: CEM
    Model: GD-3300
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Manufacturer: CEM


Pump Driven field Calibrateable Range


Sensor Type

Solid State


Visible & Audible at 10% LEL for Methane.

Can be calibrated for other concentrations or gases.


Approx. 1 minute

Response Time

Less than 2 sec. (up to 40% LEL)

Duty Cycle


Probe Length



C Alkaline


Warranty: 12 months



1.16˝ inch Gooseneck detector is easy to measure the hard-reached areas.

2.Highly sensitive and reliable

3.Easy to Use: One-hand operation with thumb controlled tick adjust knob. Tick accelerates when sensor tip approaches leak.

4.Use in contaminated Environments: Eliminates background gas concentration with fully adjustable tick rate.

5.Pinpoint small Leaks: Detects all combustible gas leaks even tiny leaks.


Các lọa khí dò đc
• Natural Gas
• Methane
• Ethane
• Propane
• Butane
• Acetone
• Alcohol
• Ammonia
• Steam
• Carbon Monoxide (not to quantify)
• Gasoline
• Jet Fuel
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Smoke
• Industrial Solvents
• Lacquer Thinner
• Naphtha


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