Extech 407910 Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Manometer 29Psi (2000mbar)

  • Manufacturer: EXTECH
    Model: 407910
    Origin: Taiwan
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  • 5,334,500 VND
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

    Phone+84 (24)62923267

Mbar: ±2000mbar /1mbar /±2%FS

Psi: ±29psi /0.02psi /±1%FS

kg/cm2: ±2.040kg/cm2 /0.001kg/cm2 /±1%FS

mmHg: ±1500mmHg /1mmHg /±1%FS

inHg: ± 59.05inHg /0.05inHg /±1%FS

mH2O: ±20.40mH2O /0.01mH2O /±1%FS

inH2O: ±802.0inH2O /0.5inH2O /±1%FS

atm: ±1.974atm /0.001atm /±1%FS

Dimensions: 7 x 2.9 x 1.3” (178 x 74 x 33mm)

Weight: 12oz (350g)

Includes 2 quick disconnect-fittings, 9V battery, protective rubber holster with stand, and carrying case 




Catalog 2020

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