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Gigahertz-Optik PLL-1701 Signal Amplifier and Current Amplifier

-Measurement range:

linear and logarithmic amplifier, radiant power measurement (W) with the integrating sphere calibrated from 400 nm to 1550 nm

-Typical applications:

Fast measurement of optical fibers, fast measurement with detector heads, AA, ADC and DAC measurements, flicker measurements


Factory calibration. Traceable to international calibration standards

-Input Interfaces: 

BNC-Connector (electrical)

FC-Connector (optical)

-Output Interfaces: 

BNC-Connector, Output Voltage: ± 5V


-ADC: 16 bit

-DAC: 16 bit

-Function generator:

The PLL-1701 is able to provide electrical Signals on the BNC Output (function generator): -5 V to +5 V, max. 10000 Values, clock speed 3 µs – 900 µs

-Power Supply: 

(9-24) VDC

200 mA bei 12 V

-Sampling rate: 100.000 SPS (samplings/s) with continuous data transmittance


USB V2.0 (Full Speed, HID Device)

RS422 (based on LVDS)

Limitation: Only one device can be connected by RS422.

Max. interfaces transmission speed: 100 kHz

-Weight: 550 g

-Dimensions: 173.3 mm x 36.2 mm x 124.4 mm


External signal: Low active, Trigger Level ca. 1V, Delay: Rise Time (16µs) + digitalization (15µs), Pre-Trigggering possible

Internal digital trigger: Delay 2µs ± 200ns.

-Temperature range: 

Storage: (-10 to 50)°C

Operation: (10 to 30)°C

-Humidity: <80%, non-condensing



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