HINOTEK BPN-150CW(UV) CO2 Incubator (950W, 155L)

Electrical Requirements: 220V 50HZ (110V 60Hz Option)

Input Power: 950W

Heating Method: Water-jacketed

Temperature Range: RT+5 ~ 50°C

Temperature Control: 0.1°C

Temperature Stability: ±0.1°C

CO2  Range: 0~20%V/V (air-adjusting type)

CO2  Recovery: ≤Calibration*1.2min

Humidifying Method: Natural evaporation

Ambient temperature: +5~30°C

Cubage: 155L

Interior Dimension(mm)W*D*H: 530*480*610

Overall Dimension (mm)W*D*H: 650*630*800

Shelves per Chamber(Normal): 3(pcs)

*  Specification test under no load condition: ambient temperature 20°C, and relative humidity 50%.



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