HINOTEK WSL-2 Lovibond Colorimeter (R0.1-79.9,Y0.1-79.9,B0.1-49.9, N0.1-3.9)

Measuring range:

- red R0.1-79.9 Lovibond unit

- Yellow Y0.1-79.9 Lovibond unit

- Blue B0.1-49.9 Lovibond unit

- Neutral gray N0.1-3.9 Lovibond unit

Minimum reading: 0.1 Lovibond unit

Magnification: 1.9X

Dimension of colorimetric dishes: 10mm 20mm 40mm

                                                     25.4mm 20mm 40mm

                                                    133.4mm 20mm 40mm 

Diffuse reflectance of white board: >80%

Weight (Gross): 11kg

Overall dimensions: 620x440x300 mm



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