LABTT LAP-2000 Fully automatic metallographic grinding and polishing machine

station: Double disc

Working disc diameter: standardφ254mm( optionalφ230mm、φ203mm)with magnetic switchboard system

Rotate speed: 50-1000r/min The forward and backward rotation can be switched

Grinding head speed: 30-200r/min

Manual mode: can select 30 sets of parameters, each set set and called separately

Automatic mode: 30 sets of process (process), each set of process contains 10 steps of process parameters (from process 1 to process 10 automatically, each step has an independent set of parameters)

Sample holder: 30mm can be 6 holes (optional 20mm 6 holes, 40mm, 50mm 3 holes, others can be customized)

Grinding head locking mode: Electromagnetic automatic lock

Working air source pressure range: More than 0.6MPa

Motor power: 0.75Kw

Input voltage: AC220V,50/60Hz,2KW

Dimension: 760x730x700

Weight: 74kg

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