LABTT LC-200XP-R Automatic High Speed Precision Cutting Machine

Cutting disc: Standard  φ200 x 32 x0. 9mm

Spindle speed: 500-3000r/min (optional 500-5000r/min)

Feed speed: 0.01- 3 mm/s

Manual feed speed: 0-15mm/s

Backward speed: 0-15mm/s

Impact cutting distance: 0.1- 2 mm

Cutting stroke (Y axis): 200mm

Maximum cut diameter: φ60 mm

Maximum length clamping table: 150mm

Maximum width clamping table: 200mm

Servo motor: Power: 1.1 kw

Usage method data: Can store 12 kinds

Power supply:: AC220V 50HZ

Overall dimensions: 750 * 860 * 430 mm

Weight: 126KG

Standard Accessory:

Open end spanner (22-24, 17-19): 1

6mm inner hexagon wrench: 1

5mm inner hexagon wrench: 1

Power cord: 1

Cutting piece (Φ200 diamond cutting disc): 1

Cooling system (including water tank, water pump, water inlet pipe and drainage pipe): 1

Cutting fluid: 1 bottle (1L)

Hose hoops 13 to 19: 2

Hose hoops 40-63: 2

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  • Favorable payment