SEW 1153 AI Multifunction and Insulation Testers

  • Manufacturer: SEW
    Model: 1153 AI
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 Auto-Range microprocessor controlled.
 Automatic voltmeter AC/DC at Start/Reset.
 Battery test.
 Battery test at Switch On/Reset.
 Safety voltmeter before each test.
 Auto-Discharge on all test and all ranges.
 Leads Auto-Null key.
 Test Auto-Stop.
 Smart hold & stop on voltmeter AC/DC.
 EnerSave (tm).
 Cotinuity short circuit current > 220mA.
 Continuity open circuit voltage of 5Vdc.
 Nominal voltage @ 1mA on all insulation ranges.
 Display customization for OEM.
 Accepts 8 alkaline batteries.
 UK 16th edition.
 IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V.
 IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT III 100V (only 1153AI)
 EN 61326, EN55011
 EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3


● Microprocessor-controlled.
● Automatic voltmeter AC/DC at Start/Reset.
● Auto range
● Auto off.
● Battery test.
● Battery test at switch ON/Reset.
● Safety voltmeter before each test.
● Auto discharge on all test and all ranges.
● Leads Auto-Null key.
● Test Auto-Stop.
● Smart hold & stop on voltmeter ac/dc.
● Ener-Save feature to extend battery life.
● Continuity short circuit current > 220mA.
● Continuity open circuit voltage of 5Vdc.
● Nominal voltage @ 1mA on all insulation ranges.
● Accept 8 rechargeable batteries or Alkaline of normal.
● BS 16 edition.

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