Ultra high definition microscope, texture of metal can be observed up to 600 times zoom in Shodensha GR3400

  • Manufacturer: SHODENSHA
    Model: GR3400J
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Metallographic microscope GR3400, high quality of wide angle graphic can be observed by using the plan apochromat object lens or wide angle's eyepiece lens.

It also can be use the for quality control of mineralogy, precision machinery industry or even chemical industry etc.. 

Because object can be observed from below, it is conveniance for thick object's observation.

Epi-illumination for polorized observation.

It is possible to attach either C mount camera or microscope camera.

*General Specification 

Magnification: 50x,100x,200x,400x,1000x

Eyepiece Lens: 10x (18mm)

Objective Lens: Plan apochromat object lens(No cover glass) 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x

Focus Adjustment:  Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus System (Tension adjustment mechanism, limit stopper, minimum scale 0.002mm)

Interpupillary Distance 53-75mm

Revoler 5 pins

Lens Barrel: Trinocular

Polarization equipment : Polarizer, analyzer

Filter : Filter(yellow、blue、green、frosted glass)

Mechanical stage 203x255mm

Lighting Halogen lamp 6V 20W(Continuous light adjustment)

Dimension 203x255x421(h) mm

Weight 8.2kg

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