HIOS HM-10 토크 미터

Peak measuring range (N・m):   0.015-1

                                  (lbf・in): 1.5-100    

Accuracy: Within ±0.5% (F.S.)

Measuring models: TRACK and PEAK

External Dimensions(mm): 

+ Display unit: 165 ×95 ×55 (H)

+ Detector: 119×45×33(H)


+ Torque display: 1kg

+ Detector: 0.35kg

Detectorcord: 1.7m (P/N: DPC-0506)

Charging time: 6V NiMH (within 8 hours)

Continuous operating time ona full charge: 30 hours

Battery life: About 300 charges

Exclusive battery charger: Input:AC100V,120V,220-240V

                                          Output:DC 7.2V 120mA




Use for torque control of screwdrivers for automatic assembly machines

● Measured data can be imported to a computer.

● Up to 100 data items can be stored in the memory and controlled (applicable to HP and HDP only).

● With one unit of Torque Meter, max, min and ave torque values can be measured (applicable to HP and HDP only).

● New product, HP-1 is ideal for measuring 10N・cm or smaller torque.

● Torque for both clockwise or counterclockwise can be measured.

● As a standard specificataon, data output and analogue output are available.

● We offer calibration and maintenance services.

● “Inspection Report” is attached to all the Torque Meters.

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