JFM DEG-002 경도 시험기

Type: Air cylinder driven dial indicator installed

Strain Gauge: Left and Right Angle 2ea 0.01 × 10mm

Test operation: test time and test frequency setting (optional change)

Size: (approx) 1500 (W) × 700 (D) × 900 (H) mm * Load-Cell Indicator

Weight: 0.3kg (Maximum weight 7.5kg per drawer)

Number of tests: 5,000 times (drawer strength)

Test frequency adjustment: counter setting method

Drawer Friction Measurement Method: Push-Pull Gage 20kgf

Test load: 15kg.f (door open)

Test speed: 5-10 times / min

Number of tests: 300 times (opening and closing the door)

Test angle: between 45-90



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