Manncorp 490H 슈퍼 드라이 베이킹 드라이 캐비닛

Manufacturer: Manncorp - USA

Model: 490H 

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months 

External Size (L/W/H*): 24" x 33" x 52" (600 x 840 x 1308mm)

Internal Size (L/W/H*): 22" x 23" x 39" (544 x 576 x 1487mm) 

Capacity: 14.5 cu. ft. (413L)

Shelves: 3 full size shelves

Wheel: 2 antistatic, with brakes, 2 standard.

Power Consumption: Max. 600 W; Avg. 300 Wh

Shipping Information: 30”L x 32”W x 59"H; 201 lbs

Temperature & Humidity Range: 40 ±2°C; ≤5%RH

Color: Black

Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz

Display Precision: RH%: ±3,°C: ±1

Software: Humidity Manager V2 for drawing the curve of RH and temperature.

Structure: 1mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint.

Door: Compression handles, airtight magnetic sealers and antistatic glass.

Grounding Wire: 1MΩ. (940 mm long)

ESD Paint: 103~109Ω. (surface resistance)




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