Manncorp CR-8000 8 존 SMT 건조 오븐

Manufacturer: Manncorp - USA

Model: CR-8000 

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months


Lead Free Compatible: Yes

Tin Lead (SnPb) Compatible: Yes

Nitrogen Atmosphere Compatible: Optional

Double-Sided Board Processing: Yes

CE Compliance: Yes

SMEMA Compatible: Optional

Board Handling

Heated Board Width: 22.4" (570mm)

Mesh Belt Conveyor: Standard

Mesh Belt Width: 22.4" (570mm)

Process Clearance Above Mesh Belt: 2.5" (65mm)

Chain-Driven Pin Conveyor: Standard

Pin Conveyor Max. Width: 17.7" (450mm)

Pin Conveyor Min. Width: 1.97" (50mm)

Auto Adjust Pin Conveyor: Optional

Clearance Above Conveyor Pins: 1.18" (30mm)

Clearance Below Conveyor Pins: .98" (25mm)

Powered Center Support: Optional

Automatic Chain Lubrication: Yes

Conveyor Speed: 16-71"/min (400-1800mm/min)

Conveyor Height: 35.4 ±0.8" (900mm ±20mm)

Conveyor Direction: Left to Right

Component Max. Height: 30mm upper, 25mm lower


Forced Hot Air Convection: Yes

Number of Independently Controlled Heating Zones: 16 total

8 upper, 8 lower

Total Heated Length: 106" (2700 mm)

Number of Oven Convection Motors: 16 Power: 120W x 16

Delta T: ±2° C

Temperature Controls

PID (Proportional-Integral-Differential): Yes

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1° C

PCB Temperature Tolerance: ±2° C

Temperature Range: Ambient -350° C

Ramping Time (from cold start): < 15 min

Profiling / Thermocouple Channels: 3


Standard Cooling Method: Air

Internal Chilled Water Cooling: Optional

Number of Cooling Zones: 1 (2 with water cooling)

Cooling Tunnel Length: 25" (635 mm)

Exit Temperature: 40°C

Number of Cooling Fans: Three 45W or one 370W

Operating System and User Interface

Windows Compatible PC: Yes

Touch Screen LCD: No

Language: English

On-Screen Thermal Profiling and Parameter Setting: Yes

Print Capability: Yes

Data Logging & Event Recording: Yes

Alarms: Audible, Visual (Light Tower) and On-Screen Display

Dimensions & Physical Characteristics

Length: 189" (4800 mm)

Width: 59.4" (1510 mm)

Height: 61" (1550 mm)

Net Weight: 3990 lbs. (1810 kg)


Power Supply: 220 VAC 3-Phase

Frequency: 60Hz

Operating Power Consumption: 8-14 KW

Start-Up Power (Sequential Start-Up Mode*): 25 KW

Current (Sequential Start-Up Mode*): 83A

Total Power (Maximum): 46 KW

N² Consumption: 20-30 m3/h (with N² option)

Oxygen Density: 300-1000 ppm (with N² only)

Number of Exhaust Vents: 3

Exhaust Venting Volume: 400CFM per port

Conveyor & PC Power Supply: Uninterruptible Power Supply for Conveyor & PC

Hood Opening Mechanism: Automatic Raise and Lower




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