Manncorp Trident ZDO 폐기물없는 PCB 클리너

Manufacturer: Manncorp - USA

Model: Trident ZDO

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months 

Dimensions: 42 ¼” W x 56” D x 70” H

Weight: 991 lbs

Power Requirements: 240 VAC 40 amps 3Ø; 240 VAC 40 amps 3Ø; 400 VAC 31 amps 3Ø

Water Input: 3/4" NPT

Drain: 3/4" NPT

Air Exhaust: 6" (static)

No-Clean Flux Removal: Yes

Water Soluble Flux Removal: Yes

Rosin Flux Removal: Yes

Alloy Compatibility: Lead & lead-free

Average Cycle Time: 30 minutes

Estimated Assemblies Per Hour Per Chamber: 3" x 10" - 144/hr; 4" x 5" - 192/hr;8" x 10" - 44/hr;20" x 20" - 24/hr

Anti-Shadowing Technology: Oscillating board rack and asymmetrical nozzles

Fluid-Delivery Technology: Twenty 15° stainless steel adjustable nozzles

Built-In Cleanliness Testing: Standard

Built-In Dryer: Standard

Discharge Configuration: Closed-loop (zero discharge) wash and rinse

Chemical Dosing and Mixing: Automatic (5% - 20%)

SPC Data Logging with On-Screen Viewing: Standard

SPC Data USB Export: Standard

SPC Remote Viewing: Standard

Pre-Drain Filtration System: Standard

Programmable Maintenance Reminders: Standard

Control System: Windows® 7 computer

Operator Interface: Touchscreen Interface

Multi-Lingual Display: Yes (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German)

Construction: Welded steel tube frame, steel panels, baked powder-coated hammer-tone finish

Plumbing Materials: Stainless steel

ESD Ground Point: Standard

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