Promax PROLITE-41 소형 광섬유 융착 접속기

Manufacturer: Promax


Origin: England

Warranty: 12 months

Applicable Fibers: SM(Single mode), MM(Multi­mode), DS(Dispersion shift), NZDS(Non zero dispersion shift)

Return Loss: ≥ 60dB

Average Fusion Loss: 0.03dB (SM) / 0.02dB (MM) / 0.06dB (DS) / 0.06dB (NZDS)

Fiber Diameter: Cladding diameter: 125 µm. Coating diameter: 250 µm ~ 900 µm

Fiber Adjustment Mode: Both core alignment and cladding alignment

Pull Test: 2N

Magnification: 115x (X/Y axis) / 230x (X axis or Y axis)

Screen: LCD 4.3”

Splice Results Storage: 5000 groups of the latest records

Fusion splice Model: Prestore: 40 groups, User define: 80 groups.

Fusion splice Duration Time: 7s

Heating time: 35 s (60 mm) / 28 s (40 mm).

Loss Estimation of Fusion Splice: Yes

Lighting Mode: Internal High­brightness LED supply convenience for night work

Electricity Show: LCD show the remaining electricity accurately

Power supply

Internal battery: 11.1 V user­replaceable lithium battery.

Equipment can be used while charging the battery

Battery capacity: Typically work 180 times (Fusion splicing/Heating)

Battery charging time: 3 h

Batery cycle life: Up to 500 times

Car Power Supply: 12V direct charging port, convenient for quick charging

AC adaptor: External Power Adapter, Input: AC100 ~ 240V. Output: DC 13.5V/5A

External Ports: USB 2.0 Port

Mechanical features

Dimensions :150 (D.) × 160 (W.) × 140 (H.) mm. (including antishock protector)

Weight: 1.6 kg (without battery), 1.8kg (including battery)

Included accessories: Anti­shock protector, fibre drop cable stripper, optical fibre stripper, cleaver,

dust blowing pear, isopropyl alcohol dispenser, tweezers,

interchangeable fibre holders, AC adapter, carrying case




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