QUICK 100-6CA 무연 솔더 퍼니스

power: 400 W

Tin pot size: ¢54 × 38 (H)mm

temperature range: 150 ° C ~ 450 ° C

Temperature stability: ± 5°C

Dimensions: 190 (L) × 115 (W) × 75 (H) mm

weight: About 1.34 kg



1. The sensor is closed-loop temperature controlled, zero-crossing trigger, and does not pollute the grid. 

2. It adopts corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant alloy materials, sprays high-temperature nano-ceramics, and has a long service life, which is suitable for lead-free operation. 

3. Small capacity design, more suitable for the desoldering of tin and tin and small and medium-sized connectors before wire harness welding.


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