QUICK 201B 스테이션, 용접기 (90W, 200~450°C)

Suction pump power: 12V / 2A

heating power: 90W

Tin suction temperature: 200 ° C ~ 450 ° C

Suction pump: Diaphragm

Vacuum degree: 600mmHg

Nozzle to ground resistance: <2OΩ

Suction nozzle to ground potential: <2mv

Dimensions: 105(L) × 250(W) × 165(H)mm

weight: About 4kg



1. Anti-static design to prevent damage to the PCB due to static electricity and leakage. 

2. Built-in unique vacuum pump for stronger suction. 

3. The heating system uses the sensor closed loop to control the temperature and the temperature is accurate. 

4. The heating element uses a low-voltage power supply and is completely isolated from the power grid, which is safe and reliable. 

5. LED digital display, push-button temperature adjustment, and optional automatic sleep function. 

6. Use digital temperature calibration to increase reliability. 

7. The suction nozzle and the heating tube are specially designed to be sucked into the filter even if the solder is in a molten state without frequent maintenance and high work efficiency. 

8. Use anti-scalding vacuum hose to prevent damage to contact hot parts. 

9. The mainframe is designed with lead-free soldering for true lead-free low temperature desoldering with a lead-free nozzle.


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