QUICK 443D 스마트 정전기 제거장치 (이온, DC)

Ion balancey: ±5 V

The output voltagey: ±5000 V DC

Ozone productiony: Below 0. 0 1 PPM (measured 15 cm in front of the fan)

Environmental temperaturey: 0°C to 50°C

Ion wind zone effective rangey: 400 mm × 1500 mm

Dimensionsy: 190 (W) × 95 (D) × 240 (H) mm

weighty: About 1.7 Kg



1. Excellent ion balance and stability. 

2. The fan can generate a wide range of airflow, and the airflow is steplessly adjustable. 

3. The ion emitting needle is easy to clean and replace. 

4. Small size, light weight, convenient design, adjustable fan angle.


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