Texio DL-2060VG 데스크탑 멀티 미터 (1000VDC, 750VAC, 10A, GPIB)

Model: DL-2060VG  


Warranty: 12 months 


●Resolution: 6 1/2 digits. 

●5*7 dot matrix VFD, dual displays with 3-color annunciators. 

●12 standard measurement functions & 8 math functions. 

●Stability, Accuracy and Speed (2000RDGS/Sec at 4 1/2 Digit, 50 RDGS/Sec at 6 1/2Digit in 60 Hz) 

●Multi-Points Scanner Card: Up to 10 Channels. (Optional) 

●Built-in USB and GPIB (VG type only) Interfaces. 

●Easy & Free PC applications.


Download datasheet

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