TTI HA1600A 영국 고조파 분석기 (AC 라인)


-Measurement Circuit: Single Phase with standard mains connector.

-Current Rating: 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.

-Voltage Ranges: 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).

-Current Ranges: ±24mA pk to ±400A pk in fifteen 2:1 ranges.

-Frequency Range: 43 - 67 Hz.

-Shunt Resistance: 3mΩ.

-Sampling Rate: 300 points per cycle.

-Basic Accuracy: Better than 0.2% ±1mA, up to 16A.

-Measured Parameters: Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk, Crest factors, THD, W, VA, Power factor, Frequency, Inrush current.

-Display Modes: Tabular display of all parameters including latest and highest inrush current. 

Waveform graph display of voltage and current with normal, max hold, accumulate and multiple cycle display.

-Monitor Outputs: Re-constructed Voltage and Current Signals.


-Measurements: 1st harmonic to 40th harmonic.

-Current Rating: 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.

-Voltage Ranges: 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).

-Current Ranges: ±24mA pk to ±400A pk in fifteen 2:1 ranges.

-Frequency Range: 43 - 67 Hz.

-Shunt Resistance: 3mΩ.

-Transforms Window: Continuous 4, 10, 12 or 16 cycle Discrete Fourier Transforms.

-Basic Accuracy: Better than 5% of limit or 0.2% of selected range (whichever is the greater) ± 1mA.

-Display Modes:

Display of load supply assessment for voltage, harmonics, crest limits and frequency against requirements of EN61000-3-2.

Histogram or tabular display of supply voltage harmonics.

Histogram display of current harmonics with limits, Min. hold, Max. hold and percentage of limit display options.

Tabular display of current harmonics showing present values, limits, average values, average as percent of limit, maximum values, 

maximum as percent of limit and pass or fail assessment for each harmonic.

-Test Control:

Untimed, manually timed or automatically timed tests; user-defined test time.

Limits automatically determined from EN61000-3-2 for appropriate class;

Class C and Class D limits can be automatically calculated from power measurements or from ratings declared by the user. 

Minimum and maximum power thresholds for limits can be changed by the user.

Facility for declaring supply voltages other than 230V and deriving appropriate limits. 

Facility for insetting test limits.

-Report Printing:

Direct printer connection for hard-copy report with user-entered narrative, supply voltage assessment and current harmonic analysis and assessment.


-Measurements: Voltage fluctuations dmax, dc, d(t) and flicker Pst and Plt to EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-4-5.

-Current Rating: 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.

-Voltage Ranges: 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).

-Fluctuation Range: 25% max. (relative to nominal voltage)

-Flickermeter Range: Voltage change up to 20% (sinewave change) or 10% (low repetition rate rectangular change) relative to AGC level. 

Equivalent to 6400 pu on 8.8 Hz sinewave.

-Flickermeter AGC: Up to ± 5%.

-Flickermeter Accuracy: Better than 5% for Pst range 0·7 to 10·0.

-Frequency Range: 50 or 60 Hz (operates over 43 – 67 Hz).

-Report Printing: Tabular listing of voltage variations, Pst classifier and Pst in each Plt interval.


-Display: 320 x 240 pixel backlit LCD.

-Clock: Realtime clock for time/date stamping of Report data.

-Interfaces: Parallel Printer, RS-232, USB.

-Instrument Supply: 230V or 115V ±14%, 48 to 65Hz.

-Operating Range: +5°C to 40°C, 20-80% RH.

-Storage Range: –10°C to +60°C.

-Dimensions: 357 x 132 x 235mm (WxHxD)

-Weight: 4.4 kg

-Safety: Complies with EN61010-1

-EMC Compliance: Complies with EN61326-1


-HA-PC LINK PLUS is PC (Windows) software supplied with the HA1600A.

-It can communicate with the instrument through either an RS232 or a USB connection.

-It is intended to assist users in taking routine compliance measurements and archiving the results.

-The PC is used for configuration, display and data archiving only; all real time data handling 

and measurement processing continues to be performed by the Digital Signal Processor in the instrument. 

The performance of the PC does not affect the accuracy of the measurement results, 

and so there is no need for the either the PC or its software to be covered by a calibration certificate.


-Input Voltage: Factory built to 220V to 240V, 110V to115V or 100V. Factory configure to 50Hz or 60Hz. Installation Category II.

-Supply Tolerances: Voltage ± 10%. Frequency ± 1%

-Output Voltage: Tracks the amplitude of the fundamental of the input voltage. 

A variable voltage input may be used to adjust the output voltage to within the limits specified by EN61000–3–2.

-Output Distortion: Dependent on the purity of the input but will generally meet the requirements of EN61000–3–2.

-Output Current: Maximum continuous output current is 4·4A (10A peak).

-Output Power: Maximum output power is input voltage x 4·4 VA

-Input Connection: IEC connector; front panel switch.

-Output Connection: U.K., Schuko, or other national outlet sockets. Load power switch can be set to DIRECT or CORRECTED for ‘A–B’ comparisons.

-Protection: Thermal trip automatically diverts load to a DIRECT connection in the event of thermal overload.

-Operating Range: +5°C to +35°C at full rated output; 20% to 80% RH (non-condensing).

-Storage Range: –40°C to +70°C

-Environmental: Indoor use at altitudes to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2.

-Safety: Complies with EN61010–1

-EMC: Complies with EN31326.

-Size: 357 x 132 x 235mm mm (W x H x D)

-Weight: 5.5 kg.




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