TTI TGF4242 듀얼 채널 임의 함수 발생기 (더블 채널)

- Frequency range: 1µHz to 240MHz 


+ Frequency range: 1mHz to 100MHz 

+ Frequency resolution: 1mHz, 12 digits

+ Output level (into 50Ω) : ≤50MHz: 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p; ≤ 100MHz: 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p

+ Aberrations (typical) :

±5% of amplitude (for transition time 5ns)

±3% of amplitude (for transition time 10ns)

<±2% of amplitude (for transition time >20ns)

+ Jitter (RMS) : <30ps (cycle to cycle)

+ Rise and fall times:

Range: ≤4Vp-p 3ns to 799.999999989s (10% to 90%)

Range: >4Vp-p 5ns to 799.999999989s (10% to 90%)

Resolution: 100ps

Accuracy: ±500ps ±0.01% of period

Rise and Fall times can be independently varied or can be varied together simultaneously.

+ Width:

Range: ≤4Vp-p 5ns to 999.999999995s  

Range: >4Vp-p 10ns to 999.999999995s 

Resolution: 100ps

Accuracy: ±200ps ±0.01% of period

+ Duty: 0.001% to 99.999%, 0.01% of period

+ Delay:

Range: 0ns to  999.99999998s

Resolution: 100ps

Accuracy: ±200ps ±0.01% of period

Delay can be entered as absolute delay or phase.


+ Waveform memory size: 8192 points

+ Vertical resolution: 16 bits

+ Frequency range:

In built: 1µHz to 4MHz

User defined: 1µHz to 80MHz 

+ Frequency resolution:

In built: 1µHz, 13 digits

User defined: 1µHz, 14 digits

+ Output level (into 50Ω) : 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p

+ Sampling rate: 800Msa/s

+ Point to point jitter (typical) : 1.25ns

+ Rise and fall times: <5ns for 100MHz filter; <8ns for 62.5MHz filter 

+ Effective analog bandwith (-3bB): 62.5MHZ, 100MHz, user selectable


Display: 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) transflective backlit TFT LCD, 480 x 272 pixels, 262144 colours, adjustable brightness and contrast.

Data Entry: Keyboard selection of mode, waveform etc.; value entry direct by numeric keys or by rotary control.

Stored Settings: Up to 9 complete instrument set-ups may be stored and recalled from internal memory.

Size: Bench Top: 97mm height; 250mm width; 295mm depth

Rack mount: 86.5mm (2U) height; 213.5mm (½”rack) width; 269mm depth

Weight: 3.1kg

Power: 100-240VAC ±10% 50/60Hz; 100-120VAC ±10% 400Hz; 60VA max. Installation Category II.

Operating Range: +5°C to 40°C, 20-80% RH.

Storage Range: -20°C to + 60°C.

Environmental: Indoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2.

Options: 19 inch rack mounting kit.

Safety & EMC: Complies with EN61010-1 & EN61326-1. 




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