AE-MIC AE-381A MLCC 电容器检测机 (1MHz/1kHz/120Hz)

Range: Measuring range; resolution

       1.5pF: 0.0000pF~1.5000pF; 0.0001pF/DF:0.0001

       15pF: 0.000pF~15.000pF; 0.001pF/DF:0.0001

       150pF: 0.00pF~150.00pF; 0.01pF/DF:0.0001

       1.5nF: 0.0pF~1500.0pF; 0.1pF/DF:0.0001

       15nF: 0.000nF~15.000nF; 0.001nF/DF:0.0001

       150nF: 0.00nF~150.00nF; 0.01nF/DF:0.0001

       1.5µF: 0.0nF~1500.0nF; 0.1nF/DF:0.0001

       15µF: 0.000µF~15.000µF; 0.001µF/DF:0.0001

       150µF: 0.00µF~150.00µF; 0.01µF/DF:0.0001

       1.5mF: 0.0µF~1500.0µF; 0.1µF/DF:0.0001

Measurement Method: 3 or 5 terminal measurement [Available to select the measuring method on each range]

Measuring Frequency: 1MHz/1kHz/120Hz±0.1%、sine wave

Output Impedance: Approx. 2Ω

Straycapacity revision range: Approx. 20pF

temperature coefficient: Within ±100ppm/℃[f.s and zero]

Measurement time: 

        【Free running】FAST:Aprrox.1~5 time/sec. SLOW:FAST×N(N: The setting number of “average” )

        【Start trigger signal】FAST:0.3msec.[1MHz], 1msec.[1kHz], 8.34msec.[120Hz]

Measuring range: Capacitance:0~15000 DF:0.0000~0.5000 Q:0~10000

BIN function: C:14 ranks & out of bin

Use environment Temperature:0℃~+50℃, Humidity:Less than 85%

Power supply: AC85V~265V, 50~60Hz, Aprrox. 50VA

Outer dimension: 250(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm

Weight: Approx. 3.5kg



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