CEM AI-2020M 智能防疫红外温度测试门 (19x25°,20-50°C)


Resolution: 160x120

Focal length: 9mm

Angle of view: 19x25°

IFOV mrad: 2.78

Aperture: F1.0

Frame rate: 50Hz

Material of Lens: germanium

Visible light

Resolution: 2 million 

Frame rate: 50Hz

Temperature measurement

Range: 20-50°C 

Accuracy: ≤±0.5°C (target distance 1.0~1.5m, target temperature within 32-42°C)

Software function

Face recognition Intelligent face recognition 

Temperature measurement: Face recognition: area shows the highest temperature, infrared/ Visible light image temperature cursor overlay

High temperature alarm value setting: The default is 37.3°C, the alarm automatically takes photos and stores,support image/sound alarm

Body temperature correction Automatic correction of measuring temperature

Image video: Infrared, visible display at the same screen.HDMI , mobile phone three-screen display

HDMI: Connect to TV through HDMI with video and alarm voice

Storage: 4G internal memory 

Software: Thirmview pro

Connect: USB, wifi

Temperature measurement warning system: Yes



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