DELL R740 PowerEdge 服务器


210-AKXJ PowerEdge R740 Server: 1

329-BEIK PowerEdge R740/R740XD Motherboard: 1

461-AAEL Trusted Platform Module 1.2: 1

321-BGZT Chassis with up to 16 x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hard Drives for 2CPU PERC11 Configuration: 1

338-BSDS Intel Xeon Gold 5215 2.5G, 10C/20T, 10.4GT/s, 13.75M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2666: 2

379-BDCO Additional Processor Selected: 1

412-AAIQ Standard 1U Heatsink: 2

370-AEVR 3200MT/s RDIMMs: 1

370-AAIP Performance Optimized: 1

370-AEVQ 16GB RDIMM, 3200MT/s, Dual Rank: 4

780-BCDS Unconfigured RAID: 1

405-ABCC PERC H750 Adapter, Low Profile: 1

400-ASGS 600GB 10K RPM SAS 12Gbps 512n 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive: 3

385-BBKT iDRAC9, Enterprise: 1

540-BBUK Broadcom 57416 Dual Port 10GbE BASE-T & 5720 Dual Port 1GbE BASE-T, rNDC: 1

330-BBHB Riser Config 2, 3 x8, 1 x16 slots: 1

450-AFMQ Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 1600W, 250 Volt Power Cord Required for Use: 1

450-AALX Power Cord - C13, 1.9M, 250V, 10A (Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan, Vietnam): 2

492-BBLO Jumper Cord - C13/C14, 4M, 250V, 10A (US, EU, TW, APCC countries except ANZ): 2

325-BCHU PowerEdge 2U Standard Bezel: 1

350-BBKG Dell EMC Luggage Tag: 1

350-BBJU Quick Sync 2 (At-the-box mgmt): 1

379-BCQV iDRAC Group Manager, Enabled: 1

379-BCSF iDRAC,Factory Generated Password: 1

384-BBBL Performance BIOS Settings: 1

800-BBDM UEFI BIOS Boot Mode with GPT Partition: 1

384-BBPY 6 Standard Fans for R740/740XD: 1

709-BBHJ Basic Next Business Day 36 Months-ACDTS: 1

865-BBOO ProSupport and 4Hr Mission Critical-ACDTS Initial, 36 Month(s): 1

865-BBOP ProSupport and 4Hr Mission Critical-ACDTS Extension, 12 Month(s): 1

770-BBBR ReadyRails Sliding Rails With Cable Management Arm: 1

429-ABBU DVD ROM, SATA, Internal: 1

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