GOTT GOTT-EMT-1543 Electrical Machine Trainer


DC Compound Motor - Code 159-001

Power: 240W

Voltage: 230VDC

Current: 1A

Speed: 1500rpm

Excitation Voltage: 230VDC

Excitation Current: 0.5A

Single Phase Synchronous Generator - Code 159-006

Power: 370W

Voltage: 230VAC

Current: 1A

Speed: 1500rpm

Excitation Voltage:12VAC

Excitation Current: 1.4A

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor - Code 159-003

Power : 250W

Voltage: 230VAC

Current: 1A

Frequency: 50HZ

Speed: 1400rpm 

Three Phase Induction Motor - Code 159-004

Power: 370W

Voltage: 380/660VAC

Current: 0.64/1.12A

Speed:1420/1720 RPM

Connection: Δ & Υ

Three Phase Synchronous Generator - Code 159-002

Power: 240W

Voltage: 230VDC

Current: 1.0A

Excitation Voltage: 230VDC

Excitation Current: 1.0A

Speed: 1500rpm 

Electrical Meter - Code 588-038

Voltmeter range: 0…500VAC

Ammeter range: 0…5A

Input: AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase 

DC Measurement Unit - Code 159-008

Voltmeter range: 0…500VAC

Ammeter range: 0…5A

Input: AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase 

Bulbs – Code 159-013

Input : AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Incandescent Lamp x 3units 

Thermal Overload Relay - Code 191-003

Rated Voltage : 230VAC

Rated Current : 2.8A-10A

Limit Switch - Code 159-011

Rated Voltage : 230VAC

Limit Switch x 2units 

Simulate Switch Board - Code 159-012

Rated voltage : 230VAC

Push Button x 3 units

Three Phase FCCB – Code 159-009

Protection Fuse 4A x 3 units

Pilot Lamps L1 , L2 & L3

Fault Current Circuit Breaker 3Poles

Input: AC 415V, 50Hz 3-Phase

Three-Phase Contactor - Code 159-014

Rated Voltage : 415VAC

Rated Current : 10A

Coil Voltage: 230VAC

3 Each

Rheostat - Code 159-015

Protection Fuse 3A x 2 units

Excitation Resistor: 0~1kΩ

Armature Resistor: 0~100Ω

3 Each 

Y-Delta Timer Relay - Code 159-016

Coil Voltage: 230VAC

Contact: NO & NC

Time : 0…60seconds

Dc Motor Control Unit - Code 192-004

Output: 0…230VDC

Fixed 230VDC

Input: AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Tacho Generator (Optional Item) - Code 159-017 

Speed: 2000rpm

Output: Max. 20VDC

Stepper Motor Unit (Optional Item)- Code 159-021

Frequency Ranges: 5Hz,50Hz,

100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz & 5kHz

Counter Reset function

Direction: CW or CCW

Emergency Switch - Code 191-007

Rated voltage : 230VAC

Emergency off button with pull-unlatching 

U-Link - Code 159-019

For connecting junction point

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-001

4mm connecting leads

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High level : DIN standard A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminium

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Rotate Speed Sensor - Code 159-018

Used with DC Motor Control Unit / Tachometer

Experiment Topics:

Starting control

Self-Lock Control

First connection for contactor (KM)

Second connection for contactor (KM)

Third connection for contactor (KM)

Fourth connection for contactor (KM)

The working principles of forward and reverse rotation control circuits of switch interconnects

Forward and reverse rotate control circuits of contactor interconnect (1)

Forward and reverse rotate control circuits of contactor interconnect (2)

Auto stop control by travel switch

The connection of changing star to delta

Operates the DC Motor & DC Generator

DC Motor & DC Generator Usage


(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals


Tacho Generator - GOTT-TAGEN-159 - Code 159-017

Stepper Motor Unit - GOTT- STEPPER MOTOR UNIT  - Code 159-021



The Standard Lab has been designed for experiments and testing in Electrical Machines in education. The machines are basically industrial models, self protect kind, with coupling half joint, especially equipped to be suitable for students training in laboratory. For this purpose the winding ends are connected to 4 mm safety socket in a metal housing on top of which a clear synoptic diagram is engraved as an educational terminal board. 

The student can easily understand operation and winding connection. Also most of the accessories and instruments designed in Panel System A4 is high in standard. The machines power is approximately a maximum of 400W, as the supply requirement for the system operation requires 230/415V, 60Hz.

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