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Introduction about Kecheng and centrifuges series

Công ty Công cụ và Thiết bị Kecheng Hồ Nam(Hunan Kecheng Instrument and Equipment) là nhà cung cấp các dòng máy ly tâm y tế từ năm 2005, trong những năm qua, công ty chủ yếu làm dịch vụ OEM tại thị trường trong nước

Hunan Kecheng Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier for all series medical centrifuges since 2005, in the past several years, it has been mainly done OEM service in domestic market, They have the core of high speed and large capacity refrigerated centrifuge production technology, which wins their customers final trust for stable and reliable, ten years of grinding sword, they achieved "Professional for customer usage, innovation for customer needs. "


Now, with the development of the team and the opening up to the market, they have moved from behind the curtain to the front stage, and set up their own brand Kecheng, they aim to contribute to the development of Chinese good instruments and looking for more distributors all over the world.


Their Products is as followings:

Floor high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Floor large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

Tabletop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Tabletop large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

Tabletop high speed/low-speed centrifuge

Blood bank centrifuge

Hematocrit centrifuge

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) centrifuge

Crude oil centrifuge

Blood card / Gel card centrifuge

Dairy milk centrifuge


They have their own professional research and development team and production workshop, located in Jinrong industrial park, No. 858. Wangcheng District, Changsha city, Hunan Province. The total area of the company is 3000. Independent research and development projects are:

  1. Colorful LED LCD digital display control system (centrifuge industry national initiative), compared with the traditional single LED digital display, more beautiful, more convenient operation;
  2. Angle rotor: The originated first patent (new polymer fibers) angle rotor, high strength, lighter than the traditional Aluminum Alloy rotor, and the corrosion resistance is stronger, more secure than the traditional Aluminum Alloy lifting, rotor speed faster.
  3. Patent adapter: Researched medical blood uncap adapter, separation is more convenient, improve the work efficiency in the hospital. Over the years, it can become an innovative thinking of products that are stable, reliable, affordable, energy saving, environmental protection and service to the society, so that they can truly achieve professional needs for customers and innovate for customers' needs.


Their company warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad as well as experts to visit and guide us. They will make you satisfied with high-quality products and excellent service.

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