KOPPACE KP-G400 三视镜立体显微镜 (3.5X-180X)

Monitor: 13.3 inches

Optical enlargement: 3.5X-180X

Eyepiece: High eyespots wide-field eyepiece WF10X/20, WF20X/10

Objective lens: 0.7X-4.5X

Viewing head: 

Trinocular stereomicroscope view head  inclined at 45°

The pupil distance adjusting range 54mm-76mm

Stage into the circular plate: 95mm Black and white board

Working distance: 30mm-165mm

Focusing bracket: Focusing handwheel tightness is adjustable, lifting range 50mm 

Base plate size: 200X255X22mm

LED light source: 

LED Qty 144

Internal diameter size: 64mm

Diameter size: 94mm

Input voltage: AC90—240V

Maximum output power: 4.5W

Voltage: 12V0.5A

Camera eyepiece interface: Dedicated interface 0.5X CTV

Auxiliary lens: 0.5X/165mm, 2X/30mm, 1X oil proof mirror

Image specification: 1920x1080

Frame rate: 60 frame/second

Optical size: 1/2 inches

Pixel size: 2.75x2.75um

Color adjustment: R, G, and B are independent and adjustable

Lens interface: C interface

Power Supply: 5V-12V

Working temperature: 0-70 degrees centigrade


Eyepiece  WF10X/20  one pair

Eyepiece  WF20X/10  one pair

Focus rack  *1

Eye guards one pair

0.7X-4.5X Trinocular zoom objective *1

144 LED ring light *1

Pillar stand and Base Plate *1

Dust cover *1

0.5X Auxiliary lens  *1

2X Auxiliary lens  *1

1X oil proof mirror *1

13.3" monitor *1

Monitor Hanging Pole *1

2 Million Pixels Microscope Camera *1

HDMI high definition line *1

The camera power adapter *1



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