Lingke CB35A15 超音波焊接机 (190-265 VAC, 50-60Hz )

Input Voltage: 190-265V AC , 1 Phase , 50-60Hz 

Size: H130XW250XL415mm 

Weight: 6kg 

Color: RAL3020 Display 2X16 Characters with backlight

LED Bar: Display percentage of output power will display the Max output power after welding

Keyboard: 6 Keys plus on/off 

Microcontroller Generator: 16bit/20MHz 

AD/DA Converter: 10/12 bit 

Frequency Range: 34700-35150HZ 

Power Measuring: Realtime 

Frequency measurement: Real time, can be automatically adjusted to the normal frequency range

Nominal Output Power: 1200W 

Maximum Output Power: 10% above nominal power 

Internal Amplitude: 60%-100% at 5% steps

External Amplitude: Enter digits to set

Operating Mode: Time/US-Stop 

Time Mode: 0.005-9.999S, precision 0.001s 

Ultrasound Vibration Mode: Built in 

Trigger Mode: Time trigger setting range: 0.000-9.999S

Internal Power Supply: 24V DC/400mA stabilized & short circuit protected

Input: Opto coupler20-28V DC/max.7mA

Output: Opto coupler 22-26V DC/max250mA , Short circuit protected

Emergency Stop: Message in display 

Error Message: Display/Hardware output ( can choose buzzer)

Buzzer: Press the confinn key on keyboard and appear the error message, it wiU make a sound

Connectors: An Standard D-sub 

Main Power Switch: On the back of electric box Language: E,D,SP,F,I,P,S,DK,N,SF,NL,CZ,PL,RO,SLO,H,TR 

Temperature: -5*C - 45*C/Stock-20*C - 60*C 



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