Micronmeasure MP-3020W 光学投影机 (10X 20X 50X 100X)

Projection screen size: Φ300 mm

Projection screen rotation range: 360°

Zoom time:  10X      20X     50X     100X

Object field of view: Φ30mm   φ15mm    φ6mm  φ3mm

Working distance of objective lens: 77.7 mm   44.3 mm   38.4 mm   25.3mm

X-axis stroke: 200mm

Travel Y-axis: 100mm

resolving power: 0.001 (mm)

Maximum bearing capacity of worktable: 15kg

Table size: 450x200mm

Z-axis stroke (focusing): 0~100 (mm)

Instrument accuracy: (3+L/200)μm,

Transmission illumination: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp

Reflective lighting: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp

Instrument size : 1215×646×1210

Instrument weight: 240 kg

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