NI PXIe-8398 PXI Remote Control Module (4-port, MXI-Express Gen3 x16, 16 GB/s)

MXI Bandwidth: 16 GB/s

Bus Connector: PXIe Controller

MXI Communication Level: MXI-Express Gen3 x16

Supported Cable Type: Copper

Supports Daisy Chaining: Yes

Number of MXI Ports: 4


Controls PXI and PXI Express systems from your PC or laptop computer through a software transparent link.

PXI Remote Control Modules allow direct control of PXI and PXI Express Systems through PCs and laptops. You can choose between copper (up to 10 m) or fiber-optic (up to 200 m) cable that connects to PXI or PXI Express modules in slot 1 of your PXI system.


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