PHYWE 06779-00 用于h测定的光电管,带外壳

Function and Application

Device for the examination of the photoeffect and the determination of Planck's constant. Vacuum photocell mount into a housing with detachable metal cover.

Technical Data

Shutter slide with three positions: round opening, entrance slit, shut

The housing has a mount where interference filters or lens holders can be fit on

The floor of the housing possesses two holding magnets and a 6 mm thread for the holding rod

4 mm sockets for electrical connections

Cell acive diameter : 15 mm

Wavelength range: 185...650 nm

Highest sensitivity at: 340 nm

Cathode material: Cs-Sb

Sensitivity: 110 µA/lm or 70 mA/W

Maimum cathode current: 6 µA

Maximum voltage: 100 V

Operating voltage: 15 V

Dark current at 15 V: 2,0 pA

Cell capacity: 2 pF



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