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Samyon RCPT 混凝土渗透测试仪 (C30 ~ C50)

Executive Standard:

Standard for test methods of long-term performance and durability of ordinary concrete (GB/T50082-2009)

The Provisional Technical conditions of Passenger special line high-performance concrete

Corrosion prevention technical specification for concrete structure of marine harbour engineering JTJ275-2000

Apparatus to determine chloride coulomb electric flus of concrete(JG/T261-2009)

Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete's Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration (ASTM C1202-12)


Detection method: electricity



Concrete reinforcement corrosion is the primary factor affecting the durability of concrete. According to statistics, the durability damage of reinforced concrete caused by corrosion accounted for more than 40% of all injuries, while the chloride ion erosion is a major incentive for reinforcement corrosion. DTL concrete chloride ion electric flux detector can be an important indicator for the durability of concrete - concrete to resist chloride ion penetration properties (density) measurements, test indicator is the six-hour power flux (Coulomb)for the concrete specimens, quickly to evaluate the concrete resistance to the chloride ion penetration ability

Technical parameters:

1. Evaluation capacity: C30 ~ C50 portland cement concrete

2. Working voltage: ~220VAC 60VDC

3. Test channels: 6 channels, 9 channels, 12 channels optional

4. Work environment: 0 centigrade ~ 50centigrade   Humidity =< 75%

5. Measurement error: <1%

Equipment specification:

1. Host dimension: 385*345*145(mm)

2. Host weight: 5kg

3. Host outside dimension: 530*200*420

4. Vacuum saturated machine weight: 32kg

5. Vacuum saturated machine dimension: 750*680*400(mm)

6. Accessories weight: 9kg

7. Accessories dimension:  440*350*210(mm)

8. Total weight: 46kg


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