SIGLENT SPS5084X 可编程开关直流电源 (2 channels; 80V/15A/720W)

Output channel: 2

Display: 2.4-inch OLED Screen

Rated output voltage: 80V

Rated output current: 15A

Total rated output power: 720W

Power ratio: 3.33

C.V Mode

Line regulation: 40mV (From 90~132Vac or 170~265Vac, constant load)

Load regulation: 40mV (From No load to Full load, constant input voltage)

Ripple and Noise: Noise bandwidth: 20MHz; Ripple bandwidth: 1MHz

- Ripple (pk to pk): 60mV

- RMS Ripple: 7mV

Voltage programming

- Accuracy: 0.1%±10mV

- Resolution: 1mV

Voltage readback

- Accuracy: 0.1%±20mV

- Resolution: 1mV

Temperature coefficient: 100ppm/°C from rated output voltage following 30-minute warm-up

Rise time

- Rated load: 50ms

- No load: 50ms

Fall time

- Rated load: 50ms

- No load: 500ms

C.C Mode

Line regulation: 18mA

Load regulation 18mA

Ripple and Noise (r.m.s): 27mA

Current setting accuracy: 0.1%±10mA

Current programming resolution: 1mA

Current readback

- Accuracy: 0.1%±20mA

- Resolution: 1mA

Temperature coefficient: 200ppm/°C from rated output current following 30-minute warm-up

Standard accessories:

USB Cable

Power cord

SPS5000X QuickStart





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