SOLID NDT AWG3-135 Digital Torque Wrench (6.8~135 N.m)

Max. Operation Range (N.m): 135

Square Drive (inches): 3/8

Measured Torque Range (N.m): 6.8~135

Length: 423

Accuracy: AR

+ Clockwise: ±1%

+ Counterclockwise: ±2%

Communication function: Yes

Data storage capacity: 100

Operation mode: Peak hold mode (P)/Real-time mode (T)

Unit: N.m,,,

Ratchet head type: Double-side ratchet head

Number of ratchet gear: 36

Button: 5

Battery: AA battery x2 (No. 5 battery)

Operation temperature: -10°C~60°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~70°C

Humidity: No condensation to 90%

Drop test height: 1m

Vibration test condition: 10G

Life time test: 10000 times



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