SOLID NDT ST150 Handle surface roughness tester with plastic shel (0.005~16.000um, 0.02~160.00 um)

Testing parameters: Ra, Rz, Ra ,Rz, Rp, Rv, R3z, R3y, RzJIS, Rsk, Rku, Rsm, Rmr, Rx

Measuring range(um): 

+ Ra:0.005~16.000

+ Rz:0.02~160.00

Sample length(mm): 0.25, 0.80, 2.50 

Maximum Drive length (mm): 17.5 mm/0.7 inch

Value accuracy: 0.001 

Indication error: ±(7~10)% 

Variation of indication: <6%

Data storage: 100 groups 

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery 

Stylus static force: <0.016N 

Working temperature: -20°C~40°C 

Relative humidity: <90% 

Weight of host: 300g 

Dimension: 158*63.5*46mm

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