Telide HPU-1301V 气缸水套测试台 (6.9bar, 1100bar)

Max. driving air pressure: 6.9 bar

Max. Output liquid pressure: 1103 bar 

Medium: Most non-corrosive liquid like pure water and oil, etc.

Dual pumps for high and low pressure. Big flow. Improve pressurization efficiency and lower the min adjustable output liquid pressure.

Specification of water jacket: Test one gas cylinder each time; inner diameter of water jacket: 5.5 inch; Depth: 70 inch.

Automatic air cylinder water jacket turnover device.

Anti-explosion test box: one outlet; internal space: 80*31*12(inch)

Equipped with 1 reservoir, unloading and returning back to reservoir directly.

Electronic precision scale, to read water-discharging volume and return to computer system to calculate the set deformation volume.

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