THORLABS BOA785S 增压光放大器 (785 nm)

Center Wavelength(b): 775 nm

Operating Current (Max): 325 mA

3 dB Bandwidth: 28 nm

Saturation Output Power (@ -3 dB)(c,d): 16.5 dBm

Small Signal Gain (@ Pin = -20 dBm)(c,d): 17 dB

Noise Figure(c,d): 9.5 dB

Fiber Type: 780HP

(a) All specifications are typical unless otherwise noted.

(b) This is the center wavelength of the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), and is not necessarily the operating wavelength. An operating wavelength of 785 nm was selected for testing to yield the specified saturation output power.

(c) Measured at 785 nm

(d) Measured at the Operating Current



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