THORLABS MGR6N MEMS光栅调制器 (600-1100 nm, Ø6 mm)

Housing Dimensions (D x L): Ø1.30" x 2.22"

Reflective Coating: Gold

Frequency Range: 0 to 200 kHz

Rise/Fall Time: 90% - 10%: <2.5 μs

Rise/Fall Time: 97% - 3%: <4 μs

Peak Extinction Ratio(a): 200:1 at 632 nm

Optimal Wavelength Range: 600 - 1100 nm

Angle-of-Incidence for Peak Extinction: <10° (Lateral Incident Angle)

Maximum Extinction Frequency Limit, -3 dB(b): 100 kHz

Active Aperture: Ø6.0 mm

Total Reflected Wavefront Error (P-V): λ/4

Maximum Operating Voltage (Device Dependent)(c): <200 V

Maximum Extinction Voltage(Device Dependent; Angle Dependent Above 10°)(d): See manual for Typical Performance

Protective Window

Item #: WG11050-B

Angle: 10°

Substrate: N-BK7e

Diameter: 1"

Thickness: 5 mm

(a) Devices measured using 635 nm light and 650 - 1050 nm AR-coated protective window.

(b) Maximum Extinction Frequency Limit is defined as the frequency of the device above which the maximum extinction of the beam as noted on the data sheet is no longer attained.

(c) The maximum operating voltage is labeled on each unit and also in the data sheet that comes with each unit.

(d) The maximum extinction voltage, which is always below the max operating voltage, varies depending on the wavelength of interest, angle, and device. Each unit ships with a data sheet that notes the optimal voltage settings and associated extinction ratios for normal incidence.

(e) View Manual for detailed specifications on the substrate.



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