TOB TOB-DSP-1200℃-S-I Mini Tube Furnace (1200℃,1.5KW)

Power: 1.5 KW

Furnace tube size(mm): Dia 25(OD) X700 /600mm

Dimension: 340X290X415

Power supply voltage: 220V

Phase number: Single-phase

Heating element: High-resistance wire

Temperature control mode: Intelligent PID

Control accuracy: +/- 1 ℃

Trigger: Zero trigger

SCR: 106 / 16E Germany Simon Kang

Max temperature: 1200 ℃

Rated temperature: 1100 ℃

Heating rate: ≤30 ℃/ Min (Available upon request modification)

Heating length: 205mm

Recommended heating rate: ≤15  ℃/ Min

Vacuum degree (Optional):

1.General vacuum and drive gas out by:TW-1.5A

2.2XZ-2 Vacuum degree pumps can be able to get around 10Pa

3.TOB-DSP-VS 0.1vacuum system can pumped 0.1Pa

Certification: CE

Surrounding surface temperature: ≤45℃



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