TOB TOB-G1200-250 High Temperature Tube Furnace (0-1200℃,200pa)

Voltage AC: 220V

Heating Power: 7KW

Furnace tube size: Dia 250*1000mm

Furnace tube material: Custom quartz tube

Heating Zone: 400mm

Constant Temperature Zone: 200mm

Max working Temperature: 1400℃

Long-term working temperature: 1300℃

Heating unit: KANTHAL Nichrome wire

Heating Rate: 1-20℃ / min adjustable

Suggested heating rate: 5-8℃/min Temperature rate

Temperature control precision: ±1℃

Passable atmosphere: Various inert atmospheres such as nitrogen and argon

Temperature measuring elements and temperature measuring range: K thermocouple, temperature range 0-1200 ° C

Original electric appliance: Partial selection of Schneider imported brands 

Instrument control: Yudian GP518P 

Sealing Component: Custom flange 

Vacuum system (optional): Low vacuum 200- 2000pa        High vacuum 6.67x10-3pa

Flowmeter(optional): 0-500ml/min

Control Method: Control mode: Adopt automatic control system

Programming curve segment number: The 31 paragraph can be adjusted to reduce the unnecessary trouble caused by artificial timing.

Display accuracy: ±1℃

Digital display: Measuring temperature and setting temperature double display

Control characteristics: Control system modular structure

Air cooling system: The fan impeller is mounted directly on the bottom of the double furnace shell and assembled with the control system.



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