TOB TOB-GH1200-100 High Temperature Tilting Rotary Tube Furnace (0-1200℃,45°,200pa-2000pa)

Dimensions: 1200mm*500mm*800mm(L*W*H)

Heating power: 3KW

Furnace tilt: 45°

Heating element: High-quality alloy resistance wire

Heating tube material: 1400 # High purity corundum tube

Tube purity: 95%

Heating tube total length: 800mm

Furnace tube diameter: OD100mm,ID about 90mm

Length of heating zone: 300mm

Length of constant temperature zone: 150mm

Maximum temperature: 1200℃

Working temperature: <1100℃

Temperature control mode: It adopts a full-automatic control system

Constant temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Heating rate: ≤15℃

Recommended heating rate: ≤3-5℃

Main drive power: 120W

Power supply: AC220V /50HZ/60HZ

Furnace tube speed: 0~30r/min(adjustable)

Vacuum degree: 200pa-2000pa

Input gas: Various protective gases such as nitrogen and argon

Flow control: Float meter (Optional)

Digital display: Measure temperature, set temperature, dual display

Control features: The modular structure of the control system

Air cooling system: The Fuji fan impeller is installed directly at the bottom of the double-layer furnace shell and is assembled with the control system. 

Heating element: Using high-quality alloy resistance wire

Heating element installation position and method: Installed in the lower and upper part of the furnace

Refractory: ceramic fiber board, and the insulation material is made of vacuum formed fiber poly light board material.

Insulation Materials: High-quality alumina multi-fiber insulation material, the insulation layer is 90mm. (Model: LY1400)

Shell: Welded by steel plates and profiles

Structural features: The furnace body heats up and down, heating elements, thermocouples, and controllers

Energy saving performance: Light weight, fast heating, energy saving over 50%, saving time and effort.

Spare parts: A stove hook, a pair of high temperature gloves



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