TOB TOB-TGB-3020 T-Shaped Laboratory Glove Box

A. 2 x 304 stainless steel boxes with length of 1800mm and 1220mm, connected by T-shaped bins. Acid-proof 3mm thick。

B. Large T-shaped transition tank: stainless steel, 360mm diameter, 600mm length, three doors, located in the middle of the two sections.

C. Small T-shaped transition cabin: stainless steel, 150mm diameter, 800mm length, about 100mm in the case part of the extension, three doors, located in the middle of the two sections of the box.

D. Two small transition pods made of stainless steel, 150mm diameter and 300mm length, are located on the left and right sides of the glove box.

E. 1 front window with 4 glove ports and 1 front window with 2 glove ports.

F. 3 pairs of butyl rubber gloves.

G. 2 lighting systems.

H. 2 power cables in the box.

I. 12pcs  KF40 standby interfaces

J. Two high-performance circulating fans of 90m3/h.

K. 2set vacuum pumps, RV8.

L. 2 sets of water analyzers.

M. Two oxygen analyzers.

N. 2 sets of organic solvent adsorbers.

O. 2 sets of increase organic solvent adsorption unit.



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