TOPTUL ANCE1648 5PCS 扭力芯套件

Torque Multiplier is made of Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel

High-efficiency planetary gear sets achieve high output torque from low input torque

Gear Ratio - 1:12.8

Torque Ratio - 1:10

Tolerance of torque accuracy ±6%

Bar type design for easy access in confined spaces

Special anti backlash device can prevent incidental reverse force during operation

Applications:Industry, construction sites, car and truck garages, agricultural technology, bridge, aircraft and railway construction, shipbuilding, refineries and etc.

BLOW CASE: W358 x D315 x H130 (mm)

Torque Multiplier 1/2" (F) x 1-1/2" (M)

Input (Max.): 400Nm / 300Ft-Lb

Output (Max.): 4000Nm / 3000Ft-Lb

Reaction Arm

Support Stand



1-1/2" (F) x 1" (M)

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