Transpak TP-6000-3 经济型自动捆扎机 (7~70kg, 24 đai/phút)

Electrical Requirements: 220V/380V/400V (50Hz/60Hz) 3 PH

Strapping Capacity: 24 straps/min (60Hz)

Strap Requirement: Strap width: 8, 9 mm/ 12mm/ 15.5  mm, Strap thickness: 0.55 ~ 0.75 mm

Tension Range:  7   70 kg

Dimension W x D x H: 1430 x 620 x 1540 mm (arch size W x H: 850 x 600mm)

Table Height: 810 mm

Machine Net Weight: 220 kg

Maximum Package Weight: 100 kg

Maximum Package Size: Arch width minus 100 mm x Arch height minus 50 mm

(for example: arch size W850 mm x H600 mm, maximum package size is W750 mm x H550 mm)

Minimum Package Size: 100W x 20H mm

Strap Core Inner Diameter: 200 mm / 230mm / 280 mm (interchangeable)

Power Consumption: 0.65 kW

Temperature of working environment: 5 ~ 40℃


Short feed sensor 

Smoke exhaust system with carbon filter

Table without  free roller

PU casters (2 free and 2 with brake)



Transpak TP6000 Automatic Strapping Machine


Model comparison 

The TP-6000 is an economy automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. Easy operation and simple maintenance. The proven quality and performance make TP-6000 the most cost effective solution for general applications.


Lubrication free strapping head 

External mechanical tension control

Multiple methods of cycle initiation

Affordable choice for every budget

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