WMT CNC CW61125 大功率铣床

Swing over bed: 1250mm

Bed width: 755mm

Workpiece length: 1500/ 3000/ 5000/ 6000/ 8000/ 15000mm

Swing over toolpost: 865mm

Max. turning length: 1300/ 2800/ 4800/5800/7800/14800mm

Toolpost feed kinds each spindle rotate: 56 kinds

Toolpost cross feed range each spindle rotate: 0.1-12mm/r

Toolpost longitudinal feed range each spindle rotate: 0.05-6mm/r

Upper toolpost: 0.025-3mm/r

Metric thread: 43 kinds 1-20mm

Inch thread: 29 kinds 28-3/8 teeth / inch

Module thread: 45kinds 0.5-60mm

Pitch thread: 25 kinds 1-56mm

Spindle bore: 130mm

Spindle front taper: Metric 140

Spindle speed steps and range forward: 21 kinds 2-200r/min

Max.section of tool: 45×45mm

Toolpost longitudinal travel: 630mm

Upper toolpost travel: 300mm

Toolpost rapid movement, Longitudinal/Cross/Upper: 3470/1870/935mm/min

Center sleeve dia and travel: 160×300mm

Tailstock taper: MT6

Tailstock longitudinal movement: ±25

Main motor: Y180L-4 22KW

Carriage rapid motor: JC02-21-2-1.5KW

Coolant pump: JCB-45 0.15KW

Coolant pump flow: 45L/min

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