WMT CNC WMT6280x3000 自动铣床

Height of center: 400mm

Swing over bed: 800mm

Swing over gap: 1046mm

Swing over cros slide: 580mm

Distance between center: 1500/2000/3000mm

Width of bed: 400mm

Travel of cross slide: 420mm

Travel of top slide: 235mm

Headstock and main spindle

Spindle nose, internal taper: 1:20

Spindle bore: 105mm

Range of spindle speeds: 25~1600rpm V: 16~70&50~215rp

Threads and Feeds

Metric threads range: 0.45~120mm

Imperial threads range: 7/16~80TPI

Longitudinal feeds: 0.044~1.48mm/U

Cross feeds: 0.022~0.74mm/U

Tall stock

Tailstock quil diameter: 90mm

Tailstock quil travel:230mm

Taper of tailstock quil: MT5


Main motor: 7.5KW or 11kW

Coolant pump: 90W

Rpaid movement motor: 550W

Weight: 3820kg

Packing size" 5287x1525x1925mm

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