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Huazheng GGD Type AC Low Voltage Fixed Power Distribution Switchgear

Rated insulation voltage:660V

Rated working frequency:50Hz(60Hz)

The rated working voltage of the auxiliary circuit:ACl00、220、380V;DC110、220V(Can be customized according to local national standards);

Rated working current:400A、630A、800A、1000A、1250A、1600A

Rated short-circuit breaking current:30kA.

Rated peak withstand current::63kA.

Rated short-time withstand current:30kA.

Universal circuit breaker: DW15 series and other advantages of segmentation ability manufacturers electrical products, current levels include: 1600A, 400A.

Open knife switch: HD13 series and other high-quality switch-type electrical products with large flow capacity.

Copper row: The main busbar adopts tin-plated high-quality conductors such as TMY-10×100mm, and the PE grounding row adopts tin-plated high-quality conductors such as TMY-8×100mm, which has strong flow capacity.

Insulation parts: DMC series insulation parts, strong hardness, high temperature resistance.

Housing: protection class:IP30.

Dimensions:2200×(800~400)×(1000~600)mm(height × width × depth),material: 1.5mm steel plate.


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