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Huazheng HZ-2102 Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Test Equipment

1. Reference Voltage Measurement

Reference voltage input range: 25V~250V RMS,50Hz/60Hz

Accuracy of reference voltage measurement: ± (reading × 5% + 0.2V)

Accuracy of voltage harmonic measurement: ± (reading × 10%)

Reference voltage channel input resistance: ≥1500kΩ

2. Current Measurement

Whole current measurement range: 0 ~ 10mA RMS,50Hz/60Hz

Accuracy: ± (reading × 5% + 5uA)

Fundamental wave measurement accuracy of resistive current: ± (reading ×5%+5uA)

Current harmonics measurement accuracy: ± (reading × 10% + 10uA)

Current channel input resistance: ≤ 2Ω

3. Electric-field Intensity Measurement

Input range of electric field strength:30kV/m~300kV/m

Accuracy of electric field intensity measurement: ± (reading × 10%)

Accuracy of electric field harmonic measurement: ± (reading × 10%)

4. Service Conditions And Shape

Power supply: built-in lithium battery or external charger, charger input


Charging time: 4 hours

Battery life: host: 8h, Voltage Collector: 8h

Size of the host: 246mm (length) × 156mm (width) ×62 (height)

Weight of the host:1.0kg (excluding cables)

Size of the voltage collector: 115mm (length) × 120mm (width) × 65mm(height)

Voltage collector: 0.6kg (excluding cables)

Service temperature: -10℃~50℃

Relative humidity:<90%,No condensation



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