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Huazheng HZ-3521 Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator

Voltage range: AC 40-440V

Current range (double overload):

   Terminal input: 5A, 1A

   Clamp meter input: 5A 20A 100A 500A 1000A 1500A


   5A Terminal, 1A Terminal: 0.05

   5A clamp(With the function of self-correction), 20A clamp: 0.2

   100A, 500A and 1000A: 0.5

Power pulse constant: 5A Terminal, 1A Terminal, 20A clamp, 5A clamp,100A clamp, 500A clamp and 1000A clamp: FL=36000P/kWh FH=3.6×108 P/kWh

Frequency: 45-65Hz

Phase measurement range: -180 -- +180 degrees

Transformation ratio of Transformer: < ±0.5%

Voltage influence: < ±0.01%

Frequency influence: < ±0.01%(45-65Hz)

Temperature influence: < ±5ppm/℃

24h deviation: (0.1)< ±0.02% (0.05)< ±0.01%

Basic errors:

Terminal input:

Active power: ±0.1% ±0.05%

Reactive power: ±0.1%

Power: ±0.1% ±0.05%

Voltage: ±0.1% ±0.05%

Current: ±0.1% ±0.05%

Frequency: ±0.05Hz

Phase: ±0.1 degree ±0.05% degree

Weight: 1.8kg

U.I Harmonic measurement:

Measuring range: 2nd-51st harmonics

Accuracy of measurement: ±0.01%(relative to 100% fundamental wave)

Other technical indicators:

Switching power supply: AC57.7~440V(45~65Hz)

Power consumption: About 6VA

Environment temperature: -20`C--+40`C(Guaranteedaccuracy)

Relative humidity: 40%-95% No condensation

Warm-up time: < 3min

Overall dimensions: (L)249*(W)154*(H)58mm



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