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Huazheng HZJF-9007 Fully Functional Partial Discharge Inspector

1. Use Condition

1) Ambient Temperature: -20℃~50℃

2) Charging Environment: 0℃~45℃; 

Note: When charging, make sure the instrument is poweredoff. When the charger is plugged in, the device cannot turn on for measurement. 

3) Storage Environment: -20℃~60℃. 

4) Others: There should be no excessive dust, acid, salt, corrosion and explosive gases. 

2. Technical Parameter

1) Sensor type: high frequency current sensor, UHF sensor, TEV sensor, ultrasonic sensor

2) TEV transient earth voltage measurement: detecting frequency band: 1M-100MHz

Detection range: 0-80dbmV

Resolution ratio: 1dB

Accuracy: ±1dB

3) Non-contact ultrasonic measurement: detection range: -5dBuV~70dBV

Resolution ratio: 1dB

Accuracy: ±1dB

Sensor sensitivity: -65dB

Sensor center frequency: 40Hz

Sensor diameter: 16mm

Heterodyne frequency: 38.4KHz

4) UHF measurement: detection range: -80dBm-0

Detecting frequency band: 300MHz-1500MHz

Resolution ratio: ±1dB

Sensor sensitivity: equivalent altitude >13mm

5) HFCT high frequency current measurement: detection range: 1pC-10000pC

Sensor detecting frequency band: 1MHz-100MHz

Sensor transfer impedance:>12mV/mA

Resolution ratio: 1pC

6) Contact ultrasonic measurement: Sensor detecting frequency band: 20kHz-200kHz

Sensor peak sensitivity:>70dB

Resolution ratio: 1dB

7) Synchronization mode: internal synchronization, wireless external synchronization

8) Alarm threshold setting and indication function: partial discharge indication (right sidecolor barindicator), tap shift indication (red color is suggested to shift the gear), battery power indication. 

9) Working power: high capacity Li-ion battery pack, once charging can work six hours. 

10) Peripherals storage interface: 16G Micro SD card



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